July 4

Why Choose An Adviser


This Document is the property of Logan Smythe & Associates and is confidential to Logan Smythe & Associates and you, the client.

Accordingly, no part of this Document may be reproduced, stored or transmitted by you in any form or by any means without the written authority of Logan Smythe & Associates.

The Document may not be given to parties to whom the plan is not addressed to read or copy without written authority of Logan Smythe & Associates.

Limitations on Advice

We are qualified to give you advice on matters pertaining to your financial risk relating to premature death and disablement.

Where appropriate, we will draw your attention to legal and accounting structural requirements which you may need to consider in relation to your risk management strategy, and encourage you to seek professional advice from appropriately qualified consultants. 

Insurance Explanation

In this plan information about insurance products is provided as a general guide and does not replicate a policy document. The information is not a specific recommendation for a particular insurer's product.

Premium illustration quotes are provided with indicative costings. The availability of insurance cover and the actual cost is subject to underwriting by the insurer. Terms and rates may change once their assessment is complete.

Any comments related to your current insurance policies are intended as general in nature only. Specific recommendations may be made once we have had further discussions with you about your risk requirements and have agreed to proceed with any of the recommended solutions. If you decide to cancel or alter any existing policies it is important that you fully understand the consequences of doing so and that this is not actioned until any new policies are inforce.

Please note: This plan is prepared based on the information provided during the consultation process. If the information was incomplete, inaccurate or there have been material changes in your situation since we did our analysis, it could have an impact on our findings. Therefore it is important that before making your final insurance decisions you tell of us any relevant additional information.


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