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We will listen and aim to understand your unique situation to tailor a suitable solution and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our Services

Risk Plans

Risk plans detailing: our findings, your financial risk requirements, the potential solutions, our risk recommendations.

Implementation Plans

Implementation plans detailing your risk solutions.

Reviews of your Situation

Identifying if your risk solutions are still relevant for your needs.


Referrals to appropriate and qualified consultants.

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Logan Smythe & Associates provides advice with an initial consultation to ascertain your personal financial needs concerning:

Premature Death

Temporary Disability

Permanent Disablement

Costs of Medical Treatment

Estate Planning

Business financial needs

(where appropriate, on Business Ownership Protection, Key Person Protection and Business Liability Protection)

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Logan Smythe & Associates also provide administrative support related to the insurance implemented by us, including:

Applications and Underwriting

Claims management

Policy schedules

Payment authorities

Missed premiums

Policy maintenance/Alterations

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We get to know you and your business

Logan Smythe & Associates start by getting to know you and your business, then analyse the information we gather during the consultation.

This analysis will help us work with you to identify and quantify human capital risk exposure. We will go through a comprehensive planning process before preparing our recommendations. Our risk plan will explain why and how we have assessed the human capital risk the way we have. It will highlight gaps we can see in the current risk management approach, and it will make recommendations on actions we suggest you take to eliminate or reduce risk. The risk plan will also enable you to understand the financial risks you need to insure. As the business landscape is rapidly changing, we review your plans regularly and provide ongoing support to ensure they still work for you.

Life is unpredictable. We encourage you to meet with your local Logan Smythe & Associates adviser for a ‘health check’ on the human capital risks to which your business – and your family – are exposed.

Our commitment to you is that we will act with integrity, putting your interests first and foremost.

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