Your Operational Plan

We will start by assessing the potential impact on the farm of losing key individuals. Often, many of the operational processes that really make a difference to the farm’s performance are not documented.
Identify what can be done now to reduce the impact and what contingency plans need to be implemented to increase the farm’s resilience:

  1. Have you documented farm operational processes?
  2. Have you developed a response plan to the loss of a key person?
  3. Can you improve the financial strength: capital and cash flow?
  4. Can you improve the governance?

Your Shareholder Plan

We will help you think about what must be put in place to ensure a trouble-free future change to the farm shareholding. This includes addressing the:

  1. Constitution
  2. Farm owner buy: sell agreements
  3. Farm valuation
  4. Share purchase funding
  5. Shareholder employment contracts

Your Succession Plan

Have you got a succession plan in place? Do you need to start planning for the succession of the farm?

  1. Have you determined who the successor is?
  2. Do you need to get advice about the farm ownership structure?
  3. What are your ‘off’ farm retirement needs?
  4. What funding do you need for your succession plan?
  5. Do you have contingency plans to cope with a major disability or premature death?

Your Estate Plan

Ensure that in the event of the incapacity or death of a key individual the necessary financial matters can be easily attended to. Make sure that estate planning is up-to-date, with appropriate:

  1. Powers of attorney
  2. Wills
  3. Memorandum of wishes
  4. Property relationship agreements
  5. Trusts
  6. Guardianships

Your Risk Plan

Because risk is a part of daily life for farmers, we will help you identify the real risks that you need protection against. Ensuring you aren’t wasting time and money on risks that are not significant.

We are passionate about helping New Zealand farmers protect their wealth today and for the future. Like you, we understand just how dependent farming is on the people that own, manage and operate them and the many challenges they face. In this regard we see ourselves as advocates for farmers and their families to help them really understand their resilience to human capital risks and their consequences. Our core role is to assist in establishing robust plans to protect the productivity, profitability and wealth of the farm and the people that rely on that.